Friday, July 22, 2011

VOTE for your TOP 10 Gil Ra Im Moment!

Your nominated scenes are in! Based on your nominations plus a couple of mine, there are 40 scenes (whoa!) all in all for you guys to choose from. Now its time to list the TOP 10 Memorable Gil Ra Im Moment from Secret Garden. Tell us your 10 picks from all the nominated scenes below...

I pick scene #: [pick 10 scenes below]
ex: I pick scene #: 2, 6, 8...
Just added a poll below. :)

#1 - Episode 1 :: Bike Scene - Gil Ra Im chases a group of thugs who stole the bag of Yoon Seul's friend.

#2 - Episode 1 :: Kick-ass Ra Im - Ra Im acting out an amazing action scene as Park Chae Rin's stunt double.

#3 - Episode 13 :: "He's not worth it" - Ra Im telling Joo Won's mom that even though she comes to like her son, he's not worth dishonoring his dad
#4 - Episode 6 :: "Oppa..." - Ra Im being possessed with Joo Won's soul shows aegyo to Oska.

#5 - Episode 16 :: "Munja washong~" - Ra Im's cute version of her ringtone... "Munja washong~"

#6 - Episode 16 :: "Darkblood Audition" - Joo Won managed to get the director of Dark Blood back in Korea. Ra Im on the other hand wasn't aware that he was watching her on the set.

#7 - Episode 10 :: "Let's try it again" - Ra Im unknowingly avoided the water Joo Won's mom threw at her. Realizing this, she apologized and told her to try it again...
#8 - Episode 10 :: "Damo" - Ra Im's and director Jong Soo acting out a scene from Damo.
#9 - Episode 18 :: "From Kim Ddol Chu to Kim Joo Won" - Ra Im reads the letter Joo Won wrote before switching his soul to hers.
#10 - Episode 3 :: "On training..." - Ra Im warms up the other junior stuntmen.

#11 - Episode 4 :: "Roof top exercise" - Ra Im exercising on the rooftop of her apartment with a jumping rope. She makes it look so easy...

#12 - Episode 18 :: "I'll be the water bubble" - Ra Im, after reading Joo Won's letter, goes to the hospital to tell him that she'll put everything back in place and be the water bubble in their story... 
#13 - Episode 18 :: "Please give me your son " - Ra Im tells Joo Won's mom that the 21-year old Kim Joo Won will eventually remember her and she formally asked for her permission to be with him. Way to go Ra Im sshi! :)
#14 - Episode 5 :: Ra Im Tries out Clothes - Joo Won asked Ra Im to meet up with him for her to pay the remaining balance of her hospital bill.
 #15 - Episode 1 :: Joo Won fell in love - Joo Won watches from a far as Ra Im flawlessly perform one of the action scenes of the movie they're filming.
#16 - Episode 2 :: Fantasy - Joo Won fantasize about Ra Im. Very cute. :)

#17 - Episode 2 :: Stunt NG - Ra Im performs a stunt repeatedly for her director who seems to be unsatisfied with just about everything.
#18 - Episode 19 :: "I'm protecting you" - Ra Im starts chanting Joo Won's "Kim Soo Han Moo..." when asked if they ever did kissed before. 
#19 - Episode 19 :: The poor, neglected neighbor - Ra Im meets Joo Won's mom for the first time. She insulted her saying Joo Won should watch his standards even if he's just playing around. Ra Im on the other hand, made it clear that a person so proper and living very well is not on her level to play around with. Way to go Ra Im! :)

#20 - Episode 3 :: Sit-Up - The very popular sit-up scene. Who knew that exercising could be this romantic? lol!
#21 - Episode 2 :: Every fan girl's dream - Ra Im meets Oska once again after such a long time. Being such a big fan of him, that moment became even more special when he actually called her by her name. Aww... XD
#22 - Episode 5 :: Oska and Ra Im's world - Ra Im and Oska dine out on a restaurant where Joo Won is and seems to have been lost in a world only they know. The lines... oh my~ lol!
#23 - Episode 8 :: "That's just flesh... mine are muscles" - Ra Im (who's possessed by Joo Won's soul) joins Yoon Seul inside the sauna room. Yoon Seul started bragging about how 'perfect' her figure was but the Joo Won inside Ra Im's body won't really let anyone be better than him.. :)

#24 - Episode 9 :: "I came for this..." - Joo Won meets Ra Im after their souls came back to each others bodies. Ra Im apologizes for leaving him in jail and tells him that she'll compensate him for all the mistakes she caused but Joo Won surprised her with a hug, saying he came to see her.
#25 - Episode 10 :: Cappuccino Kiss  - Another popular scene from the drama. Joo Won used his lips to remove the foam left by the cappuccino that Ra Im's been drinking because he can't find a tissue anywhere. Adorable.

#26 - Episode 14 :: "I won't be the Little Mermaid" - Ra Im surprise Joo Won at the VVIP Party after avoiding him for some time. She tells him how she feels and that she'd rather bear the difficulties of seeing him than the difficulties of not being able to meet him at all. Oh.. she looks so stunning on that black dress. :)
#27 - Episode 13 :: Spending the Night - Joo Won and Ra Im were left at the house that they stayed in with her friends from Action school.
#28 - Episode 14 :: Holding Hands - Joo Won and Ra Im secretly held hands during the Action School's Christmas Party.

#29 - Episode 11 :: "Fling?" - After being insulted once again by Joo Won's mom and learning that Joo Won is only considering playing around with her for a while, the hurt Ra Im storms out their house. Joo Won tries to stop her and she gave him a piece of her mind. This is a personal favorite. :)
#30 - Episode 14 :: Don't Mess with Ra Im - Ra Im uses a line from her Dark Blood audition to scare off a very nosy guest at the party. 
#31 - Episode 17 :: Real Miracle - Ra Im finds out that she passed the audition. She secretly looked for Joo Won and from a far, she called him and told him about the good news, all along crying and thinking if she should leave him for he was the reason she lost her father.
#32 - Episode 2 :: Scar - Joo Won went to Action School to see Ra Im as he keeps on thinking about her. He checked if her wound has healed and saw that she got a scar because of it.
#33 - Episode 2 :: "She's much more cooler" - Joo Won admires Ra Im from a far and tells himself that the person in front of him is much more cooler than the one that keeps appearing on his mind. Aww... cute. :)
#34 - Episode 1 :: "What's my name?" - Joo Won mistakenly took Ra Im as Park Chae Rin and brought her to the hotel he thought she and Oska went to before.
#35 - Episode 6 :: Bench Kiss - Joo Won and Ra Im switched bodies for the first time. They thought a kiss might bring them back to normal. :)

#36 - Episode 8 :: "I'm back!" - Joo Won and Ra Im finally switched back to each others bodies. Just when Joo Won was about to be put in jail! Nice timing! :)
#37 - Episode 2 :: Soccerball -We see an annoyed Ra Im on this scene after Joo Won accidentally hits her with a soccerball.
#38 - Episode 3 :: Bag - Joo Won saw Ra Im's torn bag and starts to question her as to why she didn't even consider him before meeting him on that place. We probably all know that it was more than just the bag that he was questioning. Tsk tsk...
#39 - Episode 5 :: Little Mermaid - Joo Won tells Ra Im to be his Little Mermaid--to stay almost as nonexistent as she is at the time and then disappear like bubbles from his life.

#40 - Episode 6 :: "I am Gil Ra Im..." - Oska meets Joo Won and Ra Im with the reporters who are covering his "Win a Date.." promo. Oska hugged Ra Im (who's possessed with Joo Won's soul at the time) and was surprised with her reaction. 

Thank you for voting!


  1. omo! I cant decide what I like because I love all of the scenes!!! HAHAHA!

    but because we need to vote, I voted even if it would break my heart!HAHAHA!

    I pick scene #: 1,2,5,6,8,30,31,34,35,40

  2. ...
    I can't choose properly because I love all the scenes, but will still vote. ^^

  3. i already voted my top ten but my most fave scene is when kjw fell in love with gri! mabuhay!

  4. already casted my vote! yey! thank you for coming up with this one. :)

  5. Wahhh...I love all the GRI scenes...hahaha..
    I voted for #3,7,8,13,15,20,23,25,27,33
    I love her sadness, witty remarks, action/stunts, awkwardness/shyness, stare (her eyes spoke volumes), and smile in all these episodes...

  6. Dude! I can't choose ugh! tough one this is.

  7. my pick: #s 9, 12, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27, 32, 38 and 39

  8. love all the scenes!!!!!!!! ^_^

  9. -_-_-Stephanie-_-_-_

    whahahaha the sit-up scene is in da lead..yahoooo i voted 4 dat 1!!!

  10. ps3hl, Urm i thought you were going to separate JooWon-RaIm moments in another vote??? that is why i've only listed RaIm(without JooWon) moments in my previous post. If not, I would have put that last episode last scene where RaIm was being carried by JW and then walked while being hugged by JW while snow was falling. My fav scene!

  11.'s so hard to pick one..

  12. @xxyb:
    I never said JW-RI scenes will not be accepted because you have to admit, most of the best scenes are those with them together. It's basically reminding everyone to not focus too much on those scenes since we can always make a separate list for that. I had the impression that if I did not include that 'reminder' on my post, it will be flooded with JW-RI scenes only and I don't think calling it 'Top 10 GRI Moments' would be appropriate anymore.

    But since a lot of people participated on this little "project" of mine,I would definitely make a "Top 10 JW-RI Moments" list for you all. Thanks!

  13. my gosh, so hard to pick:( , can you just make a top 20?! =)))

  14. picked scene # 10, 11, 13, 15, 20, 23, 29, 32, 35, 37

  15. whoahhhh! moments of GIL RA IM were all absolutely AMAZING!
    Though, mostly their scenes with Kim Joo Won is unforgettably sizzling.I would rather cast my votes to the scenes wherein she gave her best shot and since HA JI WON is my personal brand of heroin.

    i'll definitely picked the following scenes:
    # 1..2..6..8..9..12..13..15..16..33

  16. moments of GIL RA IM are killing me! HELP!

    SCENES #: 1,2,6,8,9,13,15,18,31,32

  17. Thanks for casting your votes everyone! Will go tally them and work on the video! :)

  18. hahaha well it's really hard for me to choose, but i came up to vote for scenes # 1, 2, 6, 8, 11, 15, 20, 26, 27, 28, oooops can i add one number 33 hahaha ... the first thing that caught my attention was when ha ji-won did action in the scene, and that made her cool for me...

  19. i love them all...^^

  20. i like 6,16,14,23, 25, 26,27,30 32,33

    i love them all!!

  21. all of them are beautiful and can i ask what episode or part were ra im punch jo won
    #s 1,2,6,8,11,15,20,25,30,33
    Can u Include all of them?Specially where she speak english

  22. favorite scene was included.TY!!!

  23. This voting is so difficult coz every scene was so great,but anyway i have to vote.This is my top list:
    1)Eps.2 (#37)
    2)Eps.2 (#33)
    3)Eps.10 (#7)
    5)Eps.16 (#6)
    6)Eps.1 (#15)
    7)Eps.19 (#19)
    8)Eps.8 (#23)
    9)Eps.9 (#24)
    10)Eps.13 (#27) this is my most favorite part.