Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[BLOG] Movie Premiere Review of “Sector 7″

Back in the 70′s Sector 7 was an actual site between Korea and Japan, where experts claimed more than ten times the amount of natural gas and oil produced in Saudi Arabia would be underwater. The area’s been a hot potato back then, but now more has turned to a forgotten place, a perfect place to start a scenario. That’s how this summer’s most sensational blockbuster, and Korea’s first IMAX 3D film “Sector 7″ began.

Eclipse ship is a rig placed in Sector 7, where a total of eight members have been working day and night drilling oil. Haejun being one of the most hard-working member of the crew lives everyday with a strong belief that one day Eclipse will drill out oil. However over a year with no result, the government orders the ship’s destruction, and Haejun outraged by this strongly opposes. Luckily, Jungman a close friend of her gets assigned as captain for the case, and agrees to delay the eternal closing of the ship.

But things start to get out of hand as frequent accidents happen on board, and things get worst when ecologist Hyunjung mysteriously kills herself. It doesn’t take long for the crew to discover this dreadfully horrific creature on board, hungrily chasing after snapping out slimy chains(I think…) from its (I think…) mouth.

The film isn’t exciting in a way to make you want to start jump out and venture but sure exhilerates those expecting a spectacular visual experience. First of all, unlike most of the movies that call themselves “3D” but re-eeeally, aren’t, “Sector 7″ probably holds the strongest 3D visual out of the bunch so far. Despite that most scenes were filmed in green screen everything seems so real as well, thanks to the talented actors.

Action-wise there’s a lot of bombings and flames splashing the screen in orange and yellow defintely bringing that ‘YEEEE-HAWWW’ kind of catharsis, but you got to give out a big, BIG hand for Ha in this film. She acts “Haejun” the submarine equipment manger, who bravely takes the lead in battling the monstrous creature. From pulling the trigger to soaring in the air on the bike, the actress fearlessly gives her all as a trooper in major fights.

So, will the rest of the Eclipse Crew survive against this hideously disgusting water-creature? Find out in 3D (or IMAX 3D even!) as the film will be out soon on August 4th. Get ready to cool yourself out with some blazin’ scenes !!


  1. nice muscle!!
    stunning even if your role is a boyish!
    love it!!

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