Tuesday, July 19, 2011

[LIST] TOP 10 Gil Ra Im Moments *CLOSED*

Let's do something fun. :) I've always wanted to make a "Top 10..." video of "Gil Ra Im moments" from (I'm pretty sure) EVERYONE's favorite Korean drama Secret Garden. I thought, instead of making a video based only on my opinion, it would be much more fun to include yours! So go nominate your favorite "Gil Ra Im moment" from the show. It could be really funny scene, a serious one or even an action scene-- all nominations will be accepted till July 21st. Then I will let you guys vote on what scenes will be included on our "Top 10..." list!

Note: If you can include the episode number of your nominated "Ra Im Scene", please do so. If not, that's totally fine. Please make sure the scenes are not just Joo Won-Ra Im moments. We can always make a separate "Top 10..." list for that! :) Post your nominations through the COMMENTS Section/Shoutbox or on Facebook!


  1. Episode 1 - The bike scene, wherein she was riding the bike (when she tried to get the stolen bag back).
    Episode 1 - The scene wherein she was the stuntwoman of Park Chae Rin.
    (Can't remember which episode exactly) - (Heartbreaking scene) The scene when she cried because of what Joo Won's mother said about Ra Im's parents.

  2. Episode 1: bike scene (she was so cool here.;>)
    Episode 7/8: When she was acting as KJW(inside her body) in jeju island (especially the part when she was with oska. Every scene with Oska was so funny! haha!)

    and my most favorite scene is when she says "Munja wa-shong" (she is so cute here! so girly!:))

  3. When Ra Im cried because Joo Won's mom insulted her dad at her house. I forgot which episode it's in.

    When the hollywood director from Dark Blood was watching her film.

  4. i like the scene in episode 10 where Ra Im dodged from Madam Moon's water splash, then she said "I'm sorry, i just have this fast reflexes, please do it again (while giving the other glass of water to Madam Moon)..that's really epic fun, 1 of my favorite "Gil Ra Im moments":D

  5. episode 1-1 : bike scene ( cool )
    episode 1-2 : stunt scene for Park Chae Rin
    (lara croft-tomb raider and resident evil)
    episode 10-4: fighting scene w/ the director (damo scene-intense)

    -when she said YAH and KYAK! sooooo cute...adorable!

    thus...GIL RA IM ( HA JI WON )-simply the BEST!

  6. episode 18 : GIL RA IM sits in Joo-won’s car, and cries as she reads the letter. She holds the letter to her heart as she cries.
    ( heart-wrenching )

  7. Episode 1 - as stuntwoman of Park Chae RIn
    Episode 6- switching of body with KJW
    crying part in front of KJW's mom
    Ep 10 - the part where she wasn't hit by the water
    Dark Blood audition
    Ep 3 jumping rope scene
    the part where she was using her whistle ( she was in the center, and the others were counting) before the sit up part

  8. episode 18 gil ra im is crying and telling something to KJW at the hospital

  9. episode 18 :
    Gil Ra Im goes to see Kim Joo Won’s mother, and stands up to her for the first time. She blurts out, “Please give me your son! I’ll take responsibility for him and make him happy."

    wow! brave enough...for LOVE sake! hehehe!

  10. EPISODE 10 :
    Gil Ra Im dressed in her Damo costume, and she does a beautiful swordfight with Director Jong Soo in the snow.

  11. i love the scene when Gil Ra Im changes her clothes & posing in front of mirror in her room..not sure which episode..she so cute ;)

  12. episode 10 when hajiwon use sword fight with director. this scene is my favorite and background sound was nice

  13. episode 2:audition scene(close up shots of Ra Im)..really love her smile there..and also in episode 1-practicing her sword fighting..showing her beautiful eyes...^_^.

  14. EPISODE 2 :

    -Kim Joo Won's ( fantasy )imaginary GIL RA IM...
    from bookish to chic to childlike, unleashing an oppa-pout-wiggle...adorable!

  15. episode 2 at the department store where she have to perform stunt to jump down n kept saying sorry... episode 4 at the rooftop, she jump skipping rope thinking of her standing infront of the mirror comparing the expensive dress.

  16. episode 19 :

    She starts reciting Joo-won’s chant...saying that she’s protecting him till his memory comes back, and from outside, she turns back to give him a jaunty wave.she was walking extra slowly and looking totally pretty from the back...

    well, she's really pretty cute!

  17. definitely ep 13, when she found JW's mom at her house and crying after being insulted by her. that scene stayed with me for a long time.

    another one : ep 4 at JW's house. with JW and his mom. and she said the men who's lucky to be born to the rich family - they are not at her standard to play with... whoa... that's the RaIm I love.

  18. my favorite scene is when she says "munja wa-shong- munja wa shong" ^^

  19. Ep 1 - at the French Village, the part where JW saw GRI filming her stunts in her leather outfits.

    Ep 4 - GRI skipping rope at the rooftop before AhYoung appeared with the dreaded vacuum cleaner. She make it seem so effortless. I was impressed becos I look like I weigh an elephant when i skip rope.

    Ep 10 - The damo scene. she always look good wearing her period drama costumes. (eg Hwangjini & damo)

  20. anywayz!!!! the best scene dat i liked of course was the sit-up!! super kilig--- esp... those hb's lines! gyak!

  21. I like GRI shyness to Oska and annoyed KJW in eps 1 (when they met on the street) and eps 5 when they had a dinner in Jeju, make me LOL.
    I feel GRI pain when KJW said harsh thing about her bag(ep.3), and when he told her to became Little Mermaid and disappear (ep.5), I got teary eyes when she cry for her dad when KJW's mom insulted her dad.

  22. my favorite GI Ra Im moment

    1. from the episode 1 when Gi Ra Im was on the shoot with her black leather outfit,her eyes was the main focused of that scene...
    2. When she says "Munjawashong" I love her voice
    3. DAMO scene,I love that part very much!
    4. the body switching part :) very convincing acting
    5.GRI as Park Hae Jin stuntwoman I think that is from episode 1..gahhhh It looked like The Final Fantasy :))
    6.Whenever she's mad....Kim Joo won is right,GRI look more beautiful if she's mad :)) FIERCE indeed

  23. episode 8 ending part when she change back the first time, she ran bk inside the police station and jump up in triumph !! this part i see many times..

  24. EPISODE 2 : wherein Kim Joo Won went to action school to check Gil Ra Im' scar.. she stares and looks puzzled at KJW.
    the background song ( THAT WOMAN ) really fits the scene... it makes you fall in love!

  25. One of my most favorite scene is episode 13 were they sleep together i love when Hyun Bin hug her and were they look at each other,that was so sweet.

  26. Every scene when she bit her lip xDD *melts*

  27. Oh man, my comment from two days ago never appeared ):

    But yes, the Damo swordfighting scene in the snow. Beautifully cheoreographed and the music was wonderfully fitting.

  28. episode 1 - when kjw was watching her from outside during audition. sitting w/ fellow stunts. she's very pretty, natural beauty.

  29. I thought I had a favorite scene, I was totally convinced I liked the most that scene when she was crying because the bad Mommy insulted her Daddy (great acting there --no hysterics) but after reading the other comments, my goodness, I cant choose anymore because I liked them all. The whole SeGa scene is just wonderful that's why I guess everyone keeps watching it over and over again. There goes my vote lol....

  30. I had so many favorite scene in the secret garden..
    Epi.1-2:as a stuntwoman scene for Park Chae Rin, Epi.7-8:when she was acting as KJW in jeju island (especially the part when she was with oska.
    Epi.14-15:when she dress up black dress,(she's totally beautiful ..)
    and the most when KJW kicked the ball at GRI head when they were playing volleyball..(that was so funny)GRI looks very beautiful when she's mad and also when she's smiling!!I also liked the scene when she says "Munja wa-shong- munja wa shong"(she's so cute)..
    oh I cant choose anymore b'coz I liked all the scenes of the Sega,I enjoy watching Sega,its very wonderful ..It makes me lol ..
    I enjoy reading the comments and all the news about hjw .. :)

  31. you should shut your mouth if you want to live, if have something to say, say it now... in 10 minutes it will become your last word.HJW RoCks!

  32. 1. scene inside the hotel where KJW mistakenly brings GRI instead of PCR.
    2. scene where KJW checks her scars..
    3. scene where KJW keeps annoying GRI when they were in the resort villa..
    4. when, the team had a christmas party and two of them were holding hands.
    5. the vvip kiss and the line "i came to see you"

  33. 1. episode where she does stunt and kjw realizes how she is amazed by gri..
    2. episode in the audition where kjw can't take his eyes over gri and i like the he looks gri...i love the eyes of admiration from kjw...

  34. Nominations for your favorite GIL RA IM Moment is now CLOSED!

    THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO POSTED!! I will now work on summarizing all your favorite scenes and will have the poll for the Top 10 ready for you guys! :)