Tuesday, July 19, 2011

[NEWS] Ha Ji-won's bike action... possessed as Gil La-im?

Actress Ha Ji-won is attempting at bike action.
Playing the role of Hae-joon in the movie "Sector 7", Ha Ji-won is a female warrior like never seen before and she will display various actions.

Ha Ji-won will be doing bike action that is even difficult for men to do and convey thrilling enjoyment.

Hae-joon is a character who maneuvers her bike like an expert that she even races her bike on the deck of the oil ship with Dong-soo (Oh Ji-ho).

Ha Ji-won also obtained a motorbike license to transform into a perfect Hae-joon.

With her outstanding athletic talents, she obtained the license in a week and went on a bike tour to get rid of her fear of riding a bike. She went through so many rehearsals that she was even mistaken for a stuntwoman.

Ha Ji-won who is going to display real action even better than Angelina Jolie's in the movie "Salt", did all the action herself without any stand-ins.
The action by the only female warrior in the country, Ha Ji-won can be seen in theaters on the 4th of August.

"Sector 7" is about the crew on a drill ship fighting with an unknown creature in the middle of the sea.

Source: Movie Daum (Korean)


  1. truly an amazing yeoja!!!

  2. haha...better than evelyn salt...wow!

    ha ji won rocks!

    -the best!
    ...love...love...love HAJIWON!

  3. She's not afraid to try something new which can help her improve her skill in acting. She's truly an inspiring beautiful woman. I really love her and I'm so excited to watch her movie here in our country. I hope that she along with the whole Sector 7 casts will hold an "International Promotional Tour" so they would know how many fans are supporting them including me :) You rock Ha Ji Won!

  4. No stand-in for her actions in Sector 7...I salute beautiful Ha Ji Won! Well done...pretty babe