Thursday, July 14, 2011

[NEWS] "Sector 7" Ha Ji-won, Charisma

The heroine of 3D action blockbuster "Sector 7", Ha Ji-won's charismatic poster has been revealed.

Ha Ji-won in the poster has sturdy arms holding a gun and sharp eyes that might penetrate the opponent.

Ha Ji-won raised muscles that don't make her look weak while fighting an unknown sea creature in the role of Hae-joon and she also got a license for motorbikes to be able to perform bike actions well.

She also got a license for scuba diving to understand the character 'Hae-joon' who is a member of the oil drill ship crew.

Having done her best to perform whatever action Ha Ji-won is about to show everything through the movie "Sector 7". She didn't even use a stand in when she was filming an explosion scene which should convey pleasure to the audience.

The first 3D action blockbuster in Korea, "Sector 7" is about the 'Eclipse' an oil drilling ship in the middle of the ocean and the crew on it fighting an unknown sea creature. Coming this 4th of August.

Source: News Nate (Korean)


  1. love her . . . the actor whos in this 3D movie are lucky to be know thanks to HJW.

  2. Badass. My new desktop background. Thanks for the updates and subs... appreciate it.

    I'm a regular lurker here :) and the more I know about Ha Ji Won, the more I love her. I can't wait to watch this movie in my country, in 3D! now that is awesomesauce!


    Err, can you put a warning sign or something before posting a pic of our amazing woman? like, "gender alert" or "girl crush alert!"... LOL!

  3. you r really AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  4. wow! very intense look!

    -with a strong charismatic appeal...

    HA JI WON rocks!

    ayyyyy labbbbbb ji won!

  5. i really like her... aneyo, i think i'm in love with her :) she never fails to amaze me... aist! i wish i could see you in person and have "cappuccino" together... i always watch SeGa, it makes me feel different, i can't explain the real feeling everytime i watch you (drama series or movie).... take care always Ji Won... :)

  6. is it available her in the Philippines?

  7. She just penetrated my heart with her eyes.

    Screw having the movie in US or Philippines. i'm going to korea and watching it hardcore without subtitles.

  8. a very charismatic ha ji won!!! what can i say more? she's really that good and great enough to have that movie...

  9. I love this poster. It has a seductive allure in it.

  10. she looks deadly and dangerous assassin...
    well...she really melts my heart with her tough and killer eyes!

    HA JI WON...the BEST!!