Friday, July 8, 2011

[NEWS] "Sector 7" Ha Ji-won tears of joy "I've waited 5 years for this" - Hancinema

Actress Ha Ji-won (33) cried with the release of the movie "Sector 7".

At the press release of the movie "Sector 7" in Wangsib-li CGV on the 7th, Ha Ji-won cried tears of joy as director Kim Ji-hoon credited her saying, "This movie would not have been completed if it wasn't for Ha Ji-won".

Crying, she said, "I realized what a tough time we'd been through while recording the backsight. It was the most intense work I've done but I didn't feel that on site".
She continued, "I just realized we did hard work while watching the edited videos".
Ahn Seong-ki then said, "Ha Ji-won waiting 5 years for this. So it should be like a dream for her"

Meanwhile, "Sector 7" which is to be released on the 4th of August is a 3D action blockbuster about the crew of a drill ship fighting with an unknown sea creature.

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Source: Daum (Korean) 
Photo Credits: f927 / as labeled / Fans: wind_sook, ulchky and zuny78 / Sector 7 Facebook Page

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