Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[NEWS+IMG] Ha Ji Won recalls her movie ‘Sector 7′ as hard and lonely work

Actress Ha Ji Won talked about her hard time shooting the movie Sector 7.
At 2 p.m. on the 26, her movie Sector 7 held a press conference in CGV, located in Wangsimni, Seoul.

At the press conference, Ha Ji Won said, “Shooting the movie was tough because I had to fight with a monster. When I had to fight alone, I was really lonely.”

In the movie, Ha Ji Won plays ‘Cha Hae Jun’, a gear manager for an oil prospecting ship called Eclipse. Hae Jun meets a monster and fights with it.

Ha Ji Won explained, “When I was shooting by myself, I was exhausted and lonely. I was especially tired when I was shooting the ending and it was hard to keep my balance.

“I can’t remember how I finished shooting the movie but I will keep this movie in my memory for a long time. I was also happy because coworkers supported me a lot.”

Meanwhile, the movie Sector 7 will be released on August 4.

More photos from the press conference... (Press ctrl + image = to open photo on a new tab)

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Source: Nate (Korean)
Photo credits: as labeled / TVReport / TVDaily / Chosun / Sports Korea


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