Friday, July 8, 2011

[NEWS] Ha Ji Won of Sector 7 shows tears: “I’ve waited five years for this”

On July 7 Ha Ji Won participated in film producing press conference of Sector 7.

She said, “It feels like being in a dream. When I first got the script, I hardly believed myself in successfully filming Sector 7. It was a physically hard task. But when the shooting was wrapping up…”

She showed tears and couldn’t finish the sentence. Actor An Sung-Ki said, “I joined film making about two years ago, but Ha Ji Won was in this for five years. She might as well be overwhelmed by this promotion.”

Ha Ji Won added, “If I look back the process of shooting and editing the film, I can see how much I’ve went through. But loads when off because movie director and actors like An Sung-Ki, Park Chul Min, and Oh Ji Ho kept bright atmospheres at the set.”

Movie director Kim said, “I called for stuntwoman for certain scenes, but I saw Ha Ji Won doing the scene on her own. She got wounded in doing motorcycle scenes and the scenes involving wires. When she cried in the last shooting, I felt as if she was crying to me. She went through a lot of things. All the actors are treasures to me, but if there wasn’t Ha Ji Won, it must have been impossible to make this movie. I think it’s such a blessing to have Ha Ji Won in Korean movies.”

The movie Sector 7 is the first Korean 3D movie. It features battle with a monster in a locked place.


  1. Really an amazing woman. All the best Ha Ji Won. We love you.

  2. best action movie actress!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooohhhhhhhhh no. 1!!!!!!!!!! hollywoooooood!!!!!!! -----Stephanie------Canada!

  3. omo, unnie don't cried! i'm proud with u :')

  4. I'm happy to see her on big screen again, she's the best korean action actress and so beautiful.