Saturday, July 30, 2011

[TWITTER] Sector 7 Special 3D Screening

This event started about an hour or so ago. The Sector 7 production is currently holding a special 3D screening of the movie and they are updating everyone real-time on Twitter!

Here are a few of them: (with my rough translations)

7월 30일과 개봉주에는 특별한 3D[7광구] 무대인사의 실시간 중계가 있을 예정입니다. 대원들 모두 트위터에 집중해주길 바랍니다. July 30, special stage (screening) for Sector 7 will be broadcast to you in real-time. I hope you all focus on Twitter!

대원들의 얼굴이 박힌 스페셜 엽서! 지금 코엑스 시네마브런치 현장에 있다면 꼭 챙겨받길!!

Special postcards with the faces of the cast members. Those on their way now to COEX Cinema, take your lunch and drive safe!

어제 새벽까지 작업하고 바로 오늘아침 무대인사 준비중이신 감독님과 여전사 해준대원!

Working on preparations for the stage yesterday until dawn for our Director and casts!

여기는 코엑스 메가박스 대기실! 7광구 시네마 브런치 무대인사 출동 전 모습이네!

Here at the COEX Megabox waiting room! Sector 7 cast/crew having their brunch before going out on stage!

3D안경쓰고도 빛을 발하는 해준대원! 그리고 이무송,오달수님과도 기념사진 촬영중!!

3D glasses shines even on our crew! Picture taking for some souvenirs!!

무대인사가 시작되었습니다! 지난 언론시사는 작업이 덜된영상이었고 오늘은 최종본이라고 하네요!

Stage greeting has started. A movie preview was presented to the press afterward!

감독님이 이영화를 하게된이유는 아바타를 본후라며~! [7광구]는 괴물이계속나온다는게포인트!

Director explains the film's (difference) from Avatar~! The (animated) monster on Sector 7 was made through sketchbook.

김지훈 감독님 : 괴물보다는 해준대원의 눈빛이 더 강렬했다고 하는군! 역시멋진해준대원이야!

Director Kim Ji Hoon: "The eyes of the (animated) monster was intense" The cast/crew was also great!

여기는 목동메가박스! 7광구 무대인사 현장 생중계를 시작한다!흠흠!

Everyone is here in Megabox! Special stage and live coverage of the event will start now! Heum! Heum!

해준대원도 한마디 하겠네! "3D로 보시면 더 재밌을테니 나중에 꼭보시구 7광구로 시원한 여름 보내세요!"

I'll pass it on to the crew! "Don't miss this 3D experience and enjoy a cool summer!"

대원들 보고있나? 윤제균 감독님의 <7광구> 티셔츠 패션센스를!! 다들 본받길!

Did you see them? (Writer) Yoon Je Gyun's T-Shirt fashion sense!! You all should get one!

해준대원의 인기는 날이갈수록 하늘응 찌르는군! "예쁘다"는 함성으로 가득~ 최고의 여배우란 이런건가!

The popularity of the cast is showing today! Everyone is shouting "Pretty" towards our best actress!

Some short clips of the interview were also uploaded, check it out!



Please note: These are just rough translations, if you understand Korean better, please feel free to help me edit them. I would gladly appreciate it!

Tweets and photos by @S7_captain on Twitter.
Special thanks to razelcada for the link!


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