Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[NEWS] Many dramas began to rerun where Ha Ji Won starred before the release of Sector 7

Another craze for Ha Ji Won is expected.

Before the release of the movie Sector 7 that Ha Ji Won acted in, the drama Secret Garden started to rerun on a cable channel Olive due to the viewer’s demand.

Secret Garden is a drama where Ha Ji Won gained popularity by acting as a stuntwoman. The drama started to rerun to captivate the viewers and give high anticipations for the upcoming movie Sector 7.

Moreover, a popular drama Damo also began to rerun on XTM. Viewers commented, “These masterpieces are entertaining no matter how many times I see them. I just can’t stop loving Gil-Lime”

Sector 7 is about a ship’s crew fighting against extraterrestrial beings on the ship “Eclipse” in the Southern Sea of Korean peninsula. Ahn Sung Ki, Ha Ji Won, Oh Ji Ho, Lee Han Wui, Park Cheol Min, Song Sae Byeok, and Cha Ye Ryun are in the movie. It will be released on August 4.

Source: Newsen


  1. amazing yeoja.... ;)

  2. ha ji won rocks!

  3. She's really the best!!!

  4. This is to support Ha Jinwon too to her upcoming movies aside from the fact that the drama was great even if rerun,many will miss HJW & Hyu Bin in secret Garden.This is the last episode here in our country and we expect to rerun this maybe next week (i hope),the story was so amazing and HJW was so great on her character as a stuntwoman i personally love when she does action scene she was different on that side. No doubt Her movie will be BLOCKBUSTER.

  5. hi.. im one of HJW fans here in the Philippines. and i proud and happy to say that Secret garden was really popular here.. the last episode aired last night july 26 and many of Filipino fans are requesting GMA 7( tv network here who air that Drama) to replay it.. also, we want them to air all HJW movies and drma... we're also excited to watch Sector 7 at the big screen... SECRET GARDEN was such a big hit, especially HJW and HB tandem :))))

  6. Her smile, versatility as an actress, articles and videos showcasing how nice and kind she is as a person are enough proof why she captures the hearts of every Filipino fans including me.,she's really amazing :-)

  7. i can't stop loving Secret Garden. I want to watch it over and over again... Another drama that captured my heart was DAMO. I watched it in youtube but there were parts that weren't uploaded. please upload DAMO here so that many people like me can watch it fully. please,, please, please????