Monday, July 11, 2011

Updates Re: U.S 1023

From RAINLUVER012@Soompi:
Yesterday, 03:10 PM
Right now I'd like to say I'm sorry to those of you not in the US. I did not know things would get this big!
1023 INTL sounds pretty awesome. It might be a little harder to organize gatherings, but I think it may also be a great idea.
We asked 1023 for their opinions and they seem to agree to an international fan site as well.
Right now, we are waiting for 1023 administrators' opinions.
I'll update as soon as they respond.

Today, 02:50 PM 
As I said before, we're waiting for the 1023 headquarter's opinions about opening it up outside of the US.
Thank you for all of your suggestions! Please keep them coming.
Currently there have been mostly positive responses from the other 1023 members.
Please bear with us while we get this figured out ^^

And for those of you who cannot find our facebook page: it is only open to people in the US for now. Search "U.S. 1023" and you should be able to find it. Once we have over 25 members, we can create a username and it will be much easier to find us. 

Here's the link for the US 1023 Facebook Page. (Only accessible to US-based fans) 
US 1023


  1. hope i cant be a part of 1023 group..
    im avid fan of ms.ha ji won..
    more power

  2. No , unable to open!

  3. Hoping that there will be an international 1023!
    -an avid fan from the Philippines:)

  4. :( i wish i could help, but only can help by praying to Admin.

  5. please be part of 1023 i am ha ji won diehard avid fan please can i join 1023..

  6. Dear Cingu, please tell the 1023 admin,that there is, like, thousand, of international (non US) fans who'd like to join the party. I knew 67 of them personally. They come from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

  7. Yes , RAINLUVERO12...we Have to unite as one BIG INTERNATIONAL HA JI WON Fans Club, we really need all the support ,Thank you so much!The fans are increasing daily aft SEGA ...AmazingYeoja already hit 100,000 n i'm not surprise if it hit 1million or more cos so many countries have yet to air SECRET GARDEN! Keep Going!

  8. Hi RAINLUVERO12...thanks for the update on the US1023 fan club.. I'll try to sign up...

  9. yeah! hopefully "1023 International" will push through.
    I'm also a fan of HJW from the Philippines!:]

  10. RAINLUVER012 a big thanks to you for keeping us updated. We're excited to be part of 1023 INTL. Hopefully. *fingers crossed*

  11. Hi, I'm from Vietnam and I am not sure if I could have a chance to see her or a part of 1023. But I admire her a lot for her kindness and the way she works and live.