Sunday, July 10, 2011

Calling All AMERICAN Fans!!


Some time ago, I remember people saying that they would want to join a US branch of 1023.
(For those of you who don't know, 1023 is HJW's fanclub name- pronounced il-gong-ee-sam. It stands for LOVE and she thought of it herself ^^
her official fanclub:

A 1023 member and I decided to start an official US branch of 1023.
Our first task is to collect members! So we started a facebook group (search for "U.S. 1023") for that task.
Once we have enough members, we will move to a different website.
Then, we will have to be approved by 1023 and HJW's management company.
I know it might be harder for us to have events like 1023, but we are trying to create a tight-knit community of HJW fans in the United States.
We will try to organize offline events.
Since we will be an official branch of 1023, we will have close connections to HJW and her management.
If you are in the US and interested in joining, please look for us on facebook! Search "U.S. 1023"
We just started the facebook group, so it's quite empty right now~
Let's spread Jiwonlove in the United States! (sorry~ that sounds extremely corny... xP)

For questions to RAINLUVER012, you can send them to her through direct message on Soompi, or leave a comment here if you don't have a Soompi account and I'll pass along your messages to her. :)


  1. i cannot search U.S. 1023 at facebook... please help me to find it... thanks..go..go.. ha ji won..

  2. Is this only for US people or can fans from Europe join too?

  3. 1023 Philippines?