Thursday, July 28, 2011

[NEWS] Ha Ji Won, Kang Ye Won, and Olivia Wilde show off their action style

This summer, there are many blockbusters. Especially when there are actresses in a blockbuster.

Ha Ji Won, the Korean equivalent of Angelina Jolie, Kang Ye Won, and Olivia Wilde are the actresses. They are beautiful and sexy and they are ready to capture both men and women’s heart.

Especially, Ha Ji Won is in the movie, Sector 7, is the best. In the movie, she is a woman warrior, who has great muscles and great bike riding skills.

She was recognized in the movie. Even the male actors agreed her stunts were very hard. She did all her own stunts in the explosion scene, so all the staff praised her.

Kang Ye Won, who was in the movie, Quick, also did hard stunts. She rode bike, wearing a helmet and leather clothes in the movie.

Kang Ye Won got a driver’s license for a motor bike and practiced riding it for the movie. She also practiced dancing to become a member of a group.

Foreign actress Olivia Wilde is also in the blockbuster movie. Her movie, Cowboy & Alien, will be released in Korea.

For the movie, Olivia Wilde did all her stunts and learned how to shoot a gun and how to ride a horse.

People have a great expectation for the three actresses in their movies.

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