Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ha Ji Won leaves an inspiring post on her Twitter

Actress Ha Ji Won has recently been gaining a lot of attention after tweeting a very inspiring post on her Twitter. Recently she has been causing much laughter by uploading sets of photos each day. On August 15th, she finally ended up uploading a more ‘Proper’ picture. Along with the picture she tweeted, “Hehe I am finally standing. Totally ^^”.

The pictures shows herself happily posing at the camera while making a graffiti on the wall three-dimensional.

She continued saying, “I am looking forward to the new atmosphere, fragrance, feel, and events that may come with tomorrow. For today, let’s play in our completely exciting dreams. Should I try to reach the sky?” For this message made many smile with happiness and gratefulness of her childish but inspiring message.

Netizens then responded, “Ah, Ha Ji Won unnie is too cute,” “She seems really positive,” and, “She leaves a chic impression, so why do I find her so cute?”

From: Ningin


  1. She is indeed so cute, so lively and entertaining. Never feel tired or bored with her stories. God bless.

  2. ha ji won is bubbly...that's the other attitude i admire in you hjw

  3. She's like an angel to all of her fans,everytime she tweets all of us just smile and inspired. That is the magic of HJW. :)

  4. ji won ssi never fail to amaze me... i love her so much... stay healthy always...

  5. always an inspiration to everybody...