Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ha Ji Won designs Secret Jeans

Actress Ha Ji Won tries her hand at fashion design as art director for a fashion brand. Ha ji won worked with the women’s clothing brand, Crocodile Ladies and helped design Secret Jeans. A commercial for the company will be released in September.

Ha Ji Won loves jeans and she was interested in fashion and design, so she was happy to join the project to make Secret Jeans.

In the commercial, Ha Ji Won will appear as an art director. She worked hard designing jeans that specifically suit the Korean female body type. She wore Secret Jeans in the commercial and showed a variety of styles that compliment the jeans.

She says, “The jeans are very special to me because they are the first fashion item that I have ever designed.”

Secret Jeans have polished colors and a slim fit. You can wear them with a leather jacket or a trench coat.

Source: Newsen from Nate


  1. Beautiful Jiwonie is multi-talented, besides acting, she is a designer for jeans...Wow Wee!!! Tell me where to buy them.

  2. Sexy and gorgeous Ladies Crocodile spokewoman and designer is Ha Ji Won~~go girl it's all yours~~

  3. http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/tLqEQkG7ucQ/ this video involves a game show with 4 guys and pretty Ha Ji Won is a guest star. A question was asked whether she has done any plastic surgery and her answer was NO!

  4. I think she never done any plastic surgery. she play boxing in miracle in 1st street and its real anybody who done plastic surgery can't play boxing.

  5. she is the natural and "the original one"...no plastic surgery....just see her picture in past and now...u'll know the truth..luv her so much..
    talented and beautiful