Monday, August 15, 2011

[IMG] Sector 7 Cast Theatre Appearances (updated)

Ha Ji Won, Ahn Sung Ki, Director Kim Ji Hoon and writer-nim Yoon Je Kyoon promotes Sector 7 in over (9?) theaters yesterday, August 7. They said the movie had reached over 1 MILLION viewers (and still counting) already!! Congrats Sector 7!! Fighting!

Updated: Aug. 15
August 14 theater tour....

August 13 theater tour....

August 12 theater tour...

Updated: Aug. 14
At Yongsan CGV IMAX, August 13.

From August 12 theater tour

Updated: Aug. 13

Got more photos from the casts' theater visits for Sector 7.
"Sector 7 might reach 2 Million Viewers this week!!"

Taken Aug. 12

Aug. 7 at Busan...


And apparently, Ha Ji Won finally joined Twitter world as well... follow her account -- @hajiwon1023

Photo credits: DCGall / @S7_captain / DanielSun / Sector 7 Facebook


  1. Ha Ji Won-unnies arms are so big 0.0

  2. ji won you are really cool!!!! ;) love yah!!!

  3. Hooray to lovely HJW n S7

  4. fans no.1 Ms ha ji wonAugust 9, 2011 at 1:20 AM

    caongrats ji won unnie...i really hope can get that shirt...hehhehe....u so cool ji won!!!...<3
    saranghyeo unnie!!....<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  5. my angel....gorgeous Ha Ji Won

  6. Congrats to S7 the no. 1 box office in Korea!Well done to all especially beautiful and brilliant Jiwonie

  7. bravo Ha Ji Won sshii!

  8. Chuka Hamnida... Ha Ji Won ssi, Unnie.. and the cast of 7Sector! Aja! Aja! Fithing! :-D Ooh.. how i wish to see her in person!

    **sharon Simbulan**

  9. congrats hjw stay humble and kind hearted woman..god blöess you...

  10. hay jiwonie great!!!!!!jawonie....your so amazing...congrats!!!!


  11. so lovely ha ji won whatever she wore she look younger every shots congrats for the victory of sector-7 more power to the people of South Korea for seeing the super movie of the cast of sector-7

  12. I really LOVEEEEE what she was wearing on August 14!!! I can see the ABS-line!!! OMOOOOO!!! GIRL-CRUSH-GIRL-OBSESSION again! HAHAHAHA! I just soooo loooveeee Miss HJW's FASHION statement!!! A TRUE FASHIONISTA! :D