Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[NEWS] Ha Ji Won is embarrassed at her dancing performance

Ha Ji Won danced to a singer Wax’s song ‘Oppa (a girl’s elder brother).

On the 31st, MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News interviewed Ha Ji Won, who did hard stunts in the movie Sector 7.

Ha Ji Won was embarrassed to see the video of her dancing to the song ‘Oppa’. She appeared on a music video of Wax’s debut song ‘Mother’s diary’ in 2000. Ha Ji Won followed up with Wax’s second single ‘Oppa’. She became popular for her dance skill.

However, Ha Ji Won was embarrassed and covered her face, saying, “I was someone else on the stage.” But when the reporter asked her to sing the song, she sang without any hesitation. She also danced and revived her performance on the stage from over a decade ago.

Meanwhile, Ha Ji won said the reason she decided to appear on the drama Secret Garden was she liked the complexities of the script and she was interested in the plot setting. She also enjoyed the fantasy aspect.

Source: TV Report from Daum


  1. I wonder if somebody posted a video of it. Haha. Unnie is awesome, she can do everything. :D

  2. i saw that video!!
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  3. I want to see beautiful Ha Ji Won singing Oppa and dancing again

  4. please translate the video please?

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  6. http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/qF67YMXdtu0/ this is the link of the video

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