Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HaHa, publicly love calls Ha Ji-won

HaHa (Ha Dong-hoon) openly love-called to Ha Ji-won.

On his Twitter HaHa (Ha Dong-hoon) posted, "I am taking pictures for my mini reggae album tomorrow. I am remaking Koonta and New Orleans' "Rosa" and I need a Rosa. Is there anyone who will be my Rosa? All you need to do is put in about an hour tomorrow beautiful Rosa. No jokes".

The he continued to Ha Ji-won, "Could you put in an hour onto my album? I still love you even if you can't. "Sector 7" I wish it all the best and I love you. You only need to take about 5 cuts".

Preparing to come back as a singer, HaHa (Ha Dong-hoon) openly requested Ha Ji-won to model for his album.

However, "Infinity Challenge" producer Kim Tae-ho, Leessang's Gary, Kim Ji-ho and photographer Oh Joong-seok also willingly helped in this love call.

Source News Nate


  1. no!!!! hjw should be with his hyun bin !!!

  2. Oh yes, please respond to his call positively. Love to see HJW in mv. Soon, we will get to see on MTV!

  3. go ahead ha ji won that is your another events like rain having a video

  4. Hmmm.... i guess that man have many rival in the heart our beloved jiwon, hahaha...

    Say yes ha ji won, i am excited to see you in another music video, the last one i saw you in mtv is with Rain.

  5. wow..nice ..i like the idea of seeing ji won on an MTV again..the last time i saw her is MTV with rain.oh please accept it..hehehe

    -well, in the other way around..HB has so many rival in the heart of ji won ^^ would you tell me if there are some ways which i could manipulate the time and make it faster..i can't wait until HB will discharge from the marine..=)
    (well, just understand me dear..i am so inlove with this 2 ,,HB-HJW)

  6. Say yes to him Jiwonie...

  7. Say yes to him HJW,I'd like to see you doing another music video and besides it's another work credentials added to you.

    I wonder why some korean celebrity can't control their admiration towards HJW, ex this singer and taecon of 2PM and the guy from FO. I guess HJW is really really beautiful in personal and i heard she have a good heart too...
    How lucky the man who could capture the heart of this amazing yeoja.....

  8. just show how amazing she is... love her to bits!!!

  9. it's part of her job as an actress. Go HJW! we'll support you no matter what <3

  10. ha ji won only for hyun bin!!!! huhu