Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[SCAN] Magscans of CINE21

Last time, the cover of Cine21 was posted here for everyone -- now take a look on what's inside the magazine!

Plus some movie stills from the much anticipated Sector 7....

Shared by f927
Magscan credit to HJWSMANIA of DCGall
Photo credits: DCGall / cathay keris films / Sector 7 Official Site


  1. Niiice! Uhm, i saw a picture of Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin in a magazine together, the magazine said, "SECRET MAGAZINE". Was it Secret Garden's mag? :)

  2. i want to wacht it badly
    thanks for sharing this!!

  3. @ lieca jiwonholic,

    why can't you? it will be shown in 46 countries if i remember correctly. i hope that you can. we don't have any schedule here in the philippines but it'll be shown here.

    Thanks to everyone for this.

  4. NICE! How I wish an English translation of the texts in this mag is available. i think the SECRET MAGAZINE is just an online material made by HJW's supporter. I read that you can't get a hard copy of it.

  5. ang galing neto... bongga!!!! i lyk it...

  6. i am very proud of miss. HJW...

  7. OMG ! she's really beautiful Girl .. haiiszztt ! i love you ha ji won .. !! ^^