Monday, August 29, 2011

"Sector7" 733 screens to 7 pratically finished

Kim Ji-hoon's movie "Sector7" is actually about to be over.

According to the Korean Films Commission on the 26th, "Sector7" is being shown on 7 screens. It started with 733 screens on the 4th but is about to be put down in a month.

Seeing that on the 24th it was put down to 235 screens, 30 screens on the 25th and 7 screens on the 26th, "Sector7" is as good as over.

"Sector7" was one of the most highly anticipated movies for the summer, as it expanded number of screens from 733 to 812. It started off with 200 thousand audiences on the first day of its release and a million by the third.

However, the weakness of the story and characters carried out as rumors and the number started shrinking. With only 460 thousand audiences on the 6th as the climax, it ended with only 841 on the 25th.

Meanwhile, having been sold 46 distribution rights worldwide, "Sector7" will soon confirm its release date in America.

Source: Daum


  1. including Philippines?

  2. kapag tumama ako sa lotto bibilhin ko at ipalabas ko sa lahat na movie theater, "if i win the lotto i will buy the film of sector-7 and it will be shown in all theater here in the Philippines...astig...

  3. its only in Korea though..

  4. how abt here in PHL? :'chow abt here in PHL? :'c

  5. Can't wait to find out when it's heading to America. Still wanna see it!!


    Check this out! It will be shown in CGV - LA on 09/09/11