Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[TWITTER] Behind the Scenes on Sector 7

S7_captain posted a few behind the scene photos from Sector 7. Here are some of my rough translations of his tweets...

[7광구]의 히로인 하지원~ 김지훈 감독님과의 현장샷! 우리의 차해준 대원을 너무 고생시켜서 미안하다는 김지훈 감독님 현장컷만 봐도 두분의 신뢰 기운이 팍팍 

[Sector 7] Director Kim Ji Hoon with the heroine Ha Ji Won on one shot (referring to scene)! Trouble on Cha Hae Joon's crew, cut take and checks with Director Kim Ji Hoon and after 2 minutes strength is back.

힘든 촬영 속 긴장감 팽팽한 그곳! 하지만 대원들의 환한 웃음은 계속된다 온몸에 진흙투성이가되도 환하게 웃는 하지원 액션 여전사답게 그녀의 웃음 또한 쿨하다 ^^

Shooting a tough and tense scene! But the crew still smiles even if they are all covered in mud and as expected, a bright smile and laughter from our action warrior Ha Ji Won! She's cool ^^

Please note: These are just rough translations, if you understand Korean better, please feel free to help me edit them. I would gladly appreciate it!

Credit to @S7_captain on Twitter


  1. Thanks for the news and updates! I really love her. HJW fighting!

  2. cool^^,
    even if her role is boyish shes still appealing!!
    tnx for new update!! kamsahamnida!!

  3. HJW's laughter is vey contagious. Whoever see her laughing will also feel like laughing. So true to herself and down to earth. Such a pleasant personality.