Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Um Jung Hwa praises Actress Ha Ji Won of ‘Sector 7′

Acress Um Jung Hwa has only high praises for fellow actress Ha Ji Won.

Um Jung Hwa tweeted on the 14th, “Sector 7‘s Ha Ji Won, an actress who shines on every occasion! I always knew she was a hell of a committed actress, but even so I couldn’t have pulled off the motorcycle scene. Fighting”.

This was basically Um Jung Hwa’s movie tweet review and as you can see she’s really enjoyed the movie. 

The Netizens commented to her tweet, “Humble Um Jung Hwa”, “I think Um Jung Hwa would have done a fine job as well”, “Um Jung Hwa and Ha Ji Won, both of them are Korea‘s top actresses”. 


  1. This is what we call professional actress. She gives credit to fellow actress who deserve it. God bless Um Jung.

  2. Awww my OT3... LOL : HJW-Uhm JungHwa - Kim HaNeul.
    Please, please, please make a project together, you ladies...