Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ha Ji Won talks about new movie “Sector 7,” acting, and role models

Actress Ha Ji Won has appeared on the CNN website under ‘CNNGo Seoul,’ focusing on Asian entertainment and lifestyles, where she was interviewed about her 3D action blockbuster, “Sector 7″.

Ha Ji Won explained her character in the movie as, “A warrior who is tougher than men.”

When the reporter brought up her label as the “Korean Angelina Jolie”, she said, “Although I feel very honored, my role model is actually Meryl Streep.”

Ha Ji Won, who’s gained the image of a ‘female action star’, also revealed, “I want to do a melodrama and a romantic comedy again. I want to be an actress like Meryl Streep who does many versatile roles, even in her 50s and 60s.”

Speaking on the high possibility of “Sector 7″ expanding to movie theatres in 46 countries, Ha Ji Won commented, “Although I haven’t thought about it yet, I believe we could do it if we had the chance, since I’m a person who likes adventure.”

“Sector 7″ premiered very recently on August 4th, but it’s already climbing up to the number one spot at the box office, with a total of 1,354,680 viewers in just four days.

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From Seoul Newspaper NTN

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