Wednesday, August 10, 2011

JiWonie on Twitter - Profile Photos

Those of you who are pro'lly on guard on Twitter ever since our Jiwonie started her personal account, might have noticed how often she changes her profile photo. And since almost all of us have no idea what she's saying, I personally decided to just entertain myself with her little dilemma here. Who's with me?! :)

UPDATED: August 10

As I predicted, we have another one to add to our collection. LOL! A few minutes ago, JiWonie was on Twitter again and yes, you guessed it right... she has a new profile photo! So cute~



So far, we have...

very recently, she changed it to this...
How adorable is that? :)

Also, let me throw in this other photo, which was the very first one she used upon creating her account.. (Click image to see original size)

I will be adding a few more here, because I have a feeling she'll be using another one again. Lol! While I'm waiting for someone to help out translating her tweets, let's all enjoy these selcas of our amazing yeoja. :)

Follow her account -- @hajiwon1023

NOTE: Wanna help translate Ha Ji Won's tweets and save us all non-Korean fans? Send me a message via
Twitter or email ( or leave a comment below. Be our savior, please. :D


  1. Yes, someone please help ussss...
    I love her new pic, is so sweet.
    I tried to translate her tweets with google translate, but it didn't show much. All i understood from her last 2 tweets is that she thanks us for the interest, she's feeling good, and in the end she said Fithing!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Ji Won looks very good with little make up, she looks so pretty n sincere. I admire her natural beauty and great acting =V=

  3. talagang totoo lng si jiwonie..kc ung pic nya walng make up..pinakita nya lng sa mga fans nya na sya talaga un.kaya talang kahanga hanga talaga sya..nararamdam din natin yan mga fans...kaya INGAT LAGI and stay SWEER our JIWONIE!!!!


  4. how cute is dat...hehe her smiles were like she was a cute little her very much!!keep fighting!

  5. fans no.1 Ms ha ji wonAugust 9, 2011 at 9:58 PM

    hope someone translate her twitter...pleaaassseee...i really want to know!!....

  6. this is why i love this page... its always updated!!! keep it up guys!!! HJW RoCkS!!

    why is it that she always change her profile picture? i've noticed that there's something on her smile when she takes pictures herself compared to her other pics taken by others..(???)

  7. i'm hooked by her

  8. and her pic is Shes so cute!! I love u jiwon unnie ^^

  9. kkk she's so cute... i will try to help you in translating her tweets. :))

  10. Hahaha! I agree psh3l! I just got away with my laptop 20minutes ago then BOOM! Just saw her tweet 20 minutes ago! HAHAHAHA! And a new CUTIE profile picture! HAHAHA!

  11. How sweet of her to do such effort to please her fans...she knows that we will love it.hahaha
    TY for the effort HJW...we will love you forever.

  12. new pic again? she's so cute :) like a child with a new toy, she's really enjoying her twitter lol

  13. here is the translation for her goes to Miss Julia Kim (admin U.S. 1023 on fb)

    Translation: Is everyone having a great day? The weather is really... makes me want to have a Bibibic(red bean icecream bar)... kk oh! after several tries I thought if I put up a picture of me lying down, then my picture would be the right way up... but... kk this picture is just lying down.. kkk Even if its hot... let's fighting.. yay!

  14. i will have my twitter account now just for her...

  15. The latest photo looks like she's in bed and reading her script. She is so photogenic, she looks nice and sweet. Love her so much. To creator of this blog, million thanks to you for keeping us update with HJW's news. God bless.

  16. I love her new photo, she looks so sweet with that purple tie, laying in the bed with probably a script, or maybe a personal agenda :)
    She's the best, i like that she is modest, and seems a normal person just like all of us, her fans.
    I love her for that, and for supreme roles.
    I will keep suporting her. Fighting!!!

  17. thank you for the updates...ji won is really cool, with her pics i can clearly see the real she as a simple person and sincere in spite of the fact that she's a star indeed...she's the only actress i admire most like this...i'll always pray for her successes...fight fight fight...

  18. Hi all *waveshappily* I'm a newbie on this blog...and now getting obsessed with Ha Ji Won (and Hyun Bin too, blaming Secret Garden. Lol)So happy when I knew she has twitter :D

  19. i love u really love your'z you always change your profile pic on twitter not only on twitter but all on the see your fans a new face on you and every day you do>...we feel that we are besides you"or" near with you... gudnigth jiwonie..go,go,,