Friday, August 12, 2011

Ha Ji Won says she got an IV when she was shooting ‘Sector 7′

Actress Ha Ji Won appeared on tvN’s Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside,  and talked about several episodes when she was shooting the movie Sector  7.

Ha said, “In the movie, the character that I played only wears one  clothes but actually I wore thirty different size clothes for my stunt  performances.

“I didn’t know how to ride a bicycle before, but I acquired  a license for a motorbike. I was injured when I performed bike stunt,”  she added.

She also said, “I had to get an IV to shoot last thirty minutes of  the movie for two weeks. I was exhausted and lonely when I was shooting  the scene by myself. But after I saw the movie, I was proud myself. I  want to be a fragrant actress to the audiences.”

After recording the show, anchor Baek Ji Yeon praised Ha Ji Won,  saying, “She answered the questions after thinking rather than answering  without hesitation. Because of that I could see that she is honest  person.”

Ha played Cha Hae Jun in the movie Sector 7. The movie is  about an oil prospecting ship called Eclipse where the characters meet a  monster.

Source: Newsen Nate


  1. Beautiful Ha Ji Won is amazing, she acts and speaks well, too, marvellous actress

  2. she is so very smart!!really,really,i wish,,na mkakita sya ng partner in the future na mamahalin at aalagaan sya,at mag kakaunawaan sila sa lahat ng bagay..godbless jiwonie!!!


  3. @ 敏子の -零- 距离 IV means intravenous....or IV drip is a medical procedure in which a liquid substance is directly dripped into a vein over time through a tube and needle inserted into the skin. what they're saying is that HJW got an IV drip in order 4 her to be rehydrated (getting medicine or nutrients)to finished up the S7 shooting. :)

    anyway, really such an AMAZING HJW as always!!! all HJW's hardwork paid off coz the movie is a HUGE HIT :)

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