Thursday, August 4, 2011

[NEWS] The premiere of Sector 7 where Ha Ji Won acts in is delayed… Why?

The premiere of Sector 7 where Ha Ji Won acts in is delayed.

The representative of CJ E&M said, “After holding a preview of the film, the production crew decided to work on it a little more. We decided to delay the premiere date because the process is expected to take longer than we thought.” During a phone call interview.

He continued, “We are going to try our best to finish all the work overnight. We probably won’t be able to release it in the morning of the 4th, but we will be releasing it on the 6:00 p.m”

Sector 7 was to be released in the morning of the 4th. But the theater announced that the movie will be postponed due to the production company’s inquiry. It is unprecedented that a movie delayed its premiere after the reservation.

The representative of CJ E&M said, “We will be giving refunds or free movie tickets for those who already reserved the tickets. Of course, we’ll be suffering a loss, but we’re willing to bear it, and show you the best movie possible.”

Ha Ji Won, An Sung Ki, and Oh Ji Ho appears in the movie Sector 7. It portrays the battle between the ship crews and the extraterrestrial beings. Yoon Je Gyun, the director of the movie Haeundae produced the movie. It will premier in the afternoon of the 4th.

Source: Daily Sports from Nate


  1. Omo. When is the premiere in the Philippines? :)

  2. ah ok maybe they are currently showing it now....


  3. Korea loves HJW they will understand it right?...its only the time but same date.

  4. i want to watch it badly!! wer is the premiere in the philippines??

  5. NEWS from HANCINEMA 2011/08/04
    "Sector 7" brings in 230,000 viewers on first day.

    According to The Film Data Statistics, "Sector 7" gathered 232,810 audiences until 6 PM in the evening of the 5th from the 4th.

    It also has an outstanding lead in the shares and has 781 theaters showing the movie.

    Previously blockbusters "Quick" and "The Front Line" recorded 90 thousand and 80 thousand audiences when they were released on the 20th of last month.

    Currently "Sector 7" has up to 247,519 audiences and it could possibly hit 1,000,000 this weekend.

    My comment:
    This is very impressive indeed! Congratulations to Ha Ji Won and the cast of Sector 7. Bravo!

  6. that's great!!!!!