Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Movie "Sector 7" Breaks 2 Million Viewers

Seems that the starring cast of Ha Ji-won, Ahn Sung-gi, and Oh Ji-ho can pat themselves on the back. In just 11 days after the 3D version of the domestic movie "Sector 7" was released, already 2 million people have flocked to the theatres to see it.

According to the Korean Film Commission's figures on ticket sales, the Kim Ji-hoon-directed movie attracted 191,120 people in the 488 theatres currently playing the movie this past weekend (August 13-14). This has ranked it at fifth place at the box office.

That figure combined with the previous ones since the August 4th premiere of "Sector 7" has broken past the 2 million mark: 2,031,181 to be exact.

Photo by TVReport
News by KBS World


  1. 축하합니다

    u deserve it... after all hard word been done it's all paid off...

    stay healthy always!

  2. wow.. Congratz to our dearest Ha Ji Won sshi, Unnie, Sarang Hae! :-D im so happy for you! so happy for your success and all the cast of 7 Sector.. Aja!!! Fighting!! Fighting..! :-D

    **sharon simbulan**

  3. Truely amazing!!!...you deserved it HJW coz you getting a hard time doing that film,were happy for you Ms. Jiwon.CONGRATS!!!

  4. I feel sad reading all the negative reviews on this movie, since our unnie worked so hard on it and have high expectations. Regardless, I will watch the movie when it comes to my country, as support for her.

  5. Congrats to pretty Jiwonie, you deserve it for your great effort, support and love you always...

  6. Chukhahaeyo, unni! I knew S7 would be a success since you've really worked hard and gave it your best [as usual ^^].

    Thanks for keeping us posted, ps3hl! Please do inform us if ever the date for its release here in the Philippines is already out. God bless you and your team! Jeongmal kamsahamnida! ^^ ~ Jae Ni Ah

  7. wow... conrgratulations to you ms. ji-won ha... more power to you... keep it up!

  8. congrats Ji won unni!